Cartography is a mapmaking process which includes the creation of a graphical representing a geographical area. Maps & Plans such as Topographic and Cadastral are very much effective and are needed in almost every sector.
An aerial photograph provides efficient, precise methods for mapping physical features, such as coastlines, roads, buildings, watersheds, and topography.
Topographic maps of scales 1:5000 are designed for detailed study of the terrain, as well as to produce accurate measurements and calculations in the construction of engineering structures, forcing water barriers and in other cases.

Cartographic plans via drones are used for:
• Technical design of roads and railways in hilly (mountainous) areas;
• Detailed design of roads and Railways in flat and hilly areas;
• Laying of routes of pipelines or channels located in hilly areas;
• Detailed exploration and planning of mining enterprises;
• Design of engineering structures;
• Maintenance of the cadastral of real estate.

These maps are often required and are effective for working professionals of geology, hydrology, ecology, land use management, civil engineering.

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