Construction & Infrastructure

A UAV is mainly used in the construction industry for surveying and inspection purposes. Drones are equipped with Changeable payload camera, such as RGB, multispectral, thermal or LIDAR and can capture a great deal of aerial data in a shorter amount of time. Photogrammetry software can combine the images to create geo-referenced 2D maps, 3D models and elevations. These maps are often used for extraction of precise information such as distances, surface and volumetric measurements.

RHDEAXX AVIATECH provides drone solution throughout the construction cycle:

• Pre-construction
• Execution during construction
• Post-construction

We Provide Service in all sectors of constructions:

• Roads & Railways:-
o Drones surveying & inspection in construction of roads & railways helps in generation of contour maps of the area where new roads & rail lines are proposed, 3D models of the terrain helps to draw accurate plans. The Topographical survey can be done via drone. Application of drones i.e. Orthophoto, point cloud, DTM, DSM will be handy for the Civil Engineers or Builders.

o Drones are used for assets inspection, creation of project report, monitor of an area which is difficult-to-reach, Surveillance of electrical works along the length of roads & railway tracks. Drones can also be used in an emergency situation.

• Real estate Infrastructure:
o Drones are used in planning and photography/videography of high rises and other residential multi-unit projects.Aerial Surveying, Mapping & Inspection of real estate listings including residential homes, apartments, resorts, vacant land, commercial properties, and more can be easily performed by drone. Data generated from drones are vital and reduce cost, time and manpower.

• Dams & Bridges:-
o Drones can be used in the construction of new bridges or dams. Hydrological observationsvia drone can improve the assessment of water variability and flood forecasting. Drones can be handy in water level measurements.

o Drone inspection in dams & bridges are made by using high-resolution RGB, thermalor infra-red cameras and professional multispectral sensors, our drones can identify any cracks or fracture and corrosion in dams and bridges. These valuable insights can help in maintenance/repair purpose.

Benefits of a drone in the field of Construction & Infrastructure:

• Reliable, Low cost & Time Saving
• Increased safety
• Remote access to the overall status of the current site
• Fast, reproducible on-demand image acquisition
• Accurate comprehensive data
Output Data:
• Orthophoto or Orthomosaic
• Point Cloud
• Contours
• Digital surface Model (DSM) & Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
• 3D Model
• Raw images & video






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