Energy, Power & Utilities

UAVs provide safe, efficient inspections for businesses across the energy/power industry. Usage of drone technology drastically reduces inspection time, save labour costs and avoids hazardous man-hours, while providing higher quality data that enables companies to maximize energy production.Drones capture high-resolution photograph/video, which isprocessed and analysed to provide reliable survey and inspection results. Drones reduce inspection time from days to hours.

RhdeaxxAvatech provides drone solution in Energy/Utility Sectors:

• Power plants
There are many different structures in power-plants and all of them are needed to inspect for efficient work. Drones can inspect all kinds of structures and equipment; they can survey &map ground areas, and they can track changes over time.Aerial data can accurately detect defects on boilers, towers, stacks, expansion joints, pipe hangers, and more. Volumetric Measurement of the stockpile is done to show changes over time, Drones monitor construction progress and create measurable maps of any area.

• Power Transmission Line
Aerial Inspection improves manpower safety, speed and is efficient for a routine maintenance check. The High-quality data generated from drones can save money and human effects in the risk zone.
Drones solution provides high-quality reliable data along the entire length of power transmission cables to improve asset life and reduce outrages.
A UAVs (Drones) are equipped with multiple or changeable payloads (camera) for higher resolution visual inspection to identify hot spots, insulator flashovers, cracks, chipped ends, and more. Drones can also execute dangerous inspection procedures and thus, enhance on-site safety.

• Telecom Tower
Inspection of telecom towers is made easy with the help of a drone. Close-up, high-resolution imagery captured by drones can replace the traditional method of inspection. Comprehensive Drone thermal imagery helps to identify damage or performance anomalies on Telecom Towers. A visual representation of temperatures makes it easy to spot anomalies across the tower.

• Wind Turbines
Aerial inspection of wind turbine provides detail inspection of blades, tower and nacelle with clarity. Drone helps in identifying & examining blade for any minute cracks or corrosion with the help of a high-resolution camera, Infra-red camera and other sensors. Drone Inspection is cheaper and faster than any other traditional method of inspection Drone-based inspection with a high-resolution camera; infra-red camera or other sensors provide a detailed inspection of the blades, nacelle and the towers with clarity.

• Solar farm
Aerial inspections of solar farms are cheaper and faster than any ground-based techniques. A drone mounted with a thermal camera can inspect a solar farm with better speed and high accuracy. The aerial data generated will be analysed to identify faults and streamline workflows in significantly less time.UAV or Drones equipped with thermal cameras capture in-depth infrared images and hot spots signatures of defective panels which help in detection of anomalies. Thus, Aerial inspection helps in minimizing maintenance cost and downtime. Inspections via drone provide the capability to maximize the output in relatively lesser time with lower costs.


• Cheaper and reliable
• Reduce risk
• Saves time & Human effects
• Reduce downtime
Data Output
• Orthomosaic
• Topographic map
• Detect Identification
• Volumetric Analysis
• Fencing infrastructure review
• Thermal analysis
• Pipeline mapping






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