Aerial survey is a process acquisition of images from an elevated position of any surface. Specialists nowadays mainly use manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to take photographs of the surface.
High quality and good spatial resolution of an images display the real situation on the surface. With the aerial survey, we can get high-resolution images even of dense vegetation/ forest territories.

There are several types of aerial survey:

• Colour aerial survey:- This makes the images realistic & more informative.
• Thermal aerial survey:- Mainly used urban infrastructure monitoring (pipes, water supply system, sewage, etc.), tracking livestock, ignition detection, etc. The thermal survey helps to analyse an object remotely.
• Digital infrared aerial survey:- Mainly used for obtaining images in synthetic (“not natural”) colours. Any changes on the surface will be displayed in different shades.

Aerial survey is widely used by:

• Infrastructure, real-estate developers, building, rail, road construction companies;
• Marketing, advertising companies;
• Geological and mining companies, archaeological organizations;
• Agricultural companies;
• Oil & Gas, Power Industries.
• Film production companies.

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