Drone data processing compromised techniques known as photogrammetry. Raw data can be processed by several photogrammetric software. Photogrammetry is a technique which uses photographs for creation of map and surveying. It also gives reliable information (geometric measurements) about physical objects and the environment.
A photogrammetry technique on an autonomous or remotely operated aircraft system (drones) dramatically increases the depth and spatial coverage that may be surveyed. Drones several orthorectified images are merged by bundle-block adjustment to perform and reconstruct the exact camera position and orientation for every image.

Applications of photogrammetry are:

• Orthomosiac, 3d point cloud, elevation
• 3D topographic mapping
• Geometric measurements (distance, height, area and volumes)
Specialists use orthorectified drone images of high quality and precision to generate an orthophoto map.
Applications of photogrammetry are required and widely used by Professionals of topography, geology, hydrology, ecology, land use management, civil engineering.

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